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I am a translator and an interpreter, working from English and Japanese into Catalan and Spanish. I graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a Degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies, having spent extended periods during the course at Wolverhampton University (UK) and Josai International University (Japan). Besides working in my native Barcelona, my professional career has taken me to England, Ireland, the U.S.A. and Japan. Currently, my office is located in a co-working space in the district of Gràcia (Barcelona), but I am willing to travel.

  I began my career as a translator of animated television series, films and documentaries, which gave me the opportunity to master other skills besides audiovisual translation itself, including subtitling techniques and the synchronization of subtitles and dubbing. At present, I also direct dubbing sessions for international advertising agencies.

 Translating animation led me to the translation of literature for children and teenagers, and in turn, this opened doors to different kinds of editorial translation. In this sector, I also have considerable experience as an editorial researcher for travel guides.  A further specialisation I have developed is biomedical translation, in particular for cooperation projects in Africa. In addition to translation, my work in this field has also involved editing.

 As an interpreter, I have experience in both liason and mediation interpreting services, as well as in production and coordination work to facilitate intercultural communication. 


 I feel very fortunate to work in all these fields, because reading, travel and communication are three of my great passions, and in one way or another they are linked with the types of work I do.


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